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Kabir Singh is a 2019 Bollywood romantic drama film. It is written and directed by Sandeep Vanga and the film stars Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani as lead actors. This movie is a remake of Telugu movie 2017’s Arjun Reddy.

Shahid Kapoor plays character name, Kabir Singh, and the movie is about a surgeon(Shahid Kapoor) who spirals into self-destruction when his girlfriend(Kiara Advani) Preeti leaves him. The film was released theatrically on June 21, 2019.

It was jointly produced by Cine1 Studios and T-Series and received mixed reviews, with criticism directed at it for glamorizing misogyny and toxic masculinity, though Kapoor’s performance was praised. The film makes over ₹379 crores, becoming the second highest-grossing Bollywood film of 2019.


The movie is about:

Kabir Rajdhir Singh (Shahid Kapoor) is a house surgeon at the Delhi Institute of Medical Sciences. Despite being an outstanding student, he has severe anger management problems that earn the wrath of the college dean. After a fight with Amit, a team member from another college teamed up with his friend Kamal of the opposing team. The dean asks Kabir to apologize or leave the college against the other members who mocked him during an inter-college football match. And Kabir immediately decides to leave but stays back after meeting and falling in love with first-year student Preeti Singh nee Sikka(Kiara Advani).

Kabir and his friend Shiva enter the third-year class and said that Kabir is in love with Preeti. scared, Preeti begins to align herself with Kabir’s domineering attitude. He eventually reiterates his feelings and they develop an intimate relationship. Kabir graduated with an MBBS degree and leaves for Mussoorie to pursue a master’s degree in orthopedic surgery. The three years, of course over, Kabir and Preeti’s relationship strengthened. A Month later, Kabir visits Preeti’s house, where her father, Harpal, sees two kisses and throws Kabir outside.

Harpal Sikka(Anurag Arora) opposes Preeti and Kabir’s relationship because he dislikes Kabir’s personality. Kabir knows about Shiva’s marriage and goes to her house in protest. He is assaulted and arrested for making a scene. Kabir’s father, Rajadheer, instigates him from the family home to damage his reputation. With help from Shiva, Kabir finds a rented house and is admitted to a private hospital as a surgeon.

With help from Shiva, Kabir finds a rented house and is admitted to a private hospital as a surgeon. For facing his feelings, he starts taking drugs, tries one night, buys a pet dog and in the name of Preeti, and drinks alcohol. Within a few months, he becomes a successful surgeon and a high-functioning alcoholic who is feared by hospital staff. Shiva and Kamal’s refusal to take on Kabir’s self-destructive behavior. He convinces one of his patients, Jiya Sharma, with a major film star who has no relationship with him, which he ends up with when she falls in love with him. Karan comes to Kabir’s flat and realizes what he has been doing since he left home. He unsuccessfully convinces Kabir to return.

One day Kabir meets a pregnant Preeti sitting in a park. She initially refuses to listen or talk to Kabir, but Shiva tells her why Kabir cannot accept her first. Dixit, Preeti revealed that she left Jatinder after three days of marriage and continued working in a clinic. She tells Kabir that he is the father of the child, and they meet again.

Kabir Singh Cast:

  • Shahid Kapoor as Dr. Kabir Rajdheer Singh
  • Kiara Advani as Dr. Preeti Singh nee Sikka
  • Soham Majumdar as Dr. Shiva
  • Arjan Bajwa as Karan Rajdheer Singh
  • Nikita Dutta as Jia Sharma
  • Kamini Kaushal as Sadhna Kaur “Dadi”
  • Suresh Oberoi as Rajdheer Singh
  • Adil Hussain as Vijay K. Patkar, the college dean
  • Kunal Thakur as Dr. Kamal
  • Anusha Sampath as Dr. Keerti
  • Anurag Arora as Harpal Sikka

Movie Songs

  1. “Bekhayali”<6:11>   (Sachet Tandon)
  2. “Kaise Hua”<3:54>    (Vishal Mishra)
  3. “Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage”<4:44>  (Arijit Singh)
  4. “Mere Sohneya”(Sachet Tandon, Parampara Thakur)< 3:13>
  5. “Tera Ban Jaunga”(Akhil Sachdeva, Tulsi Kumar) <3:56>
  6. “Yeh Aaina”(Shreya Ghoshal )<5:11>
  7. “Pehla Pyaar”(Armaan Malik) <4:32>

Kabir Singh is the second highest-grossing Bollywood film of 2019.Net collection of the film has made it to 10th position in the list of Hindi films with the highest domestic net collection. It also became the first A-certified Indian film to gross over ₹ 200 crores in India. This film is available on Netflix.

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